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Teaching portfolio.


I am passionate about teaching, because it affords me the opportunity to very directly shape and influence the way that business professionals approach strategic decision making, market development, and new venture creation.  
By training my students to question their assumptions and biases, engage in rigorous primary research, and validate their hypotheses by way of rapid experimentation and iteration, I attempt to instill a new appreciation for the fact that strategy and entrepreneurship are much less about “good ideas” and much more about developing good listening skills.

Student Evals.

“Professor Grimes is quite possibly one of the best professors at the U of A Business School, and also one of the best professors I’ve ever had. More classes should be taught using his teaching methods. Brilliant Prof! Great Class!”

“Definitely one of the best profs I’ve had in university. Really knows his stuff and can back it up with practical industry experience. Always more than willing to help, and very approachable. If you have the chance, definitely take one of his classes.”

“I have taken two classes with Matthew this term and I have learned more in these classes then the rest of my bachelors combined. He motivated me to pursue my business ideas once my school has been completed, and has provided much mentorship and sincerity throughout our brief time together. The best prof I have ever had hands down!”

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Because of my teaching and research interests in the areas of social change and disruptive innovation, I am constantly coming across new and interesting concepts, startups, and individuals. As I do, I will share them here.

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